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Welcome to India’s first social network for stock traders. Follow stocks, swap trading ideas, hear trending news first - only on P10 Money. P10 Money helps you pick top stocks for high investment performance.

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Engage with savvy, stock market experts, financial advisors, and other investors like you. Ask your questions and get all the answers you need. Discover the smarter, social way of investing.

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Stay on top of the stocks you care about with live market updates and financial news delivered directly to your feed. It's the fastest way to keep up with the market.

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Build a watchlist, and follow all the conversations around your stocks. Never miss an update again.

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Engage with the community to score points. Take part in our referral programme and get Amazon vouchers

Investing is all about having the right information at the right time.
P10 Money is simplifying investing by crowdsourcing intelligence. Get easy, instant access to the wisdom of the crowd!

Social trading. Intelligent investing.

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At P10 Money, you will work with some of the most talented folks from tech, venture capital, banking, and design. Our team is collaborative and friendly - and we are bringing the same ethos to trading in financial markets.

What’s more, we are backed by leading advisors and investors from around the world who have built and scaled large finance and tech companies.

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